Smart Management of public parking lots

With the Mobilvendor Parking system you can keep an effective revenue control of all your parking lots nationwide. You can also manage parking spaces through the use of tickets and the issuance of electronic invoices to all your customers.

Web Plataform

The parking owner will be able to:

  • Create user roles.
  • Manage all its establishments nationwide.
  • Configure the rates and seats.
  • Set costs for each available seat.
  • Display reports.
    Configure rates.
  • Display a list of created customers.
  • Display the recorded cash inflow.
  • Visualization and use of the Mobilvendor accounting module.
Mobile App

The Parking Lot Manager may:

  • Print tickets with user name, barcode and badge.
  • Get cash closing reports on your mobile device.
  • Read the ticket issued for subsequent validation and collection.
  • Display spaces available for customer use.
  • Reprint the ticket in case of loss.
  • Issue electronic invoices.
  • And more…

With Mobilvendor you can do a lot of things, but you don’t have to master everything to get started.

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