Total control of deliveries and routes

Optimizes and manages logistics routes and zones on digital maps. In addition, it generates picking for warehouse control and provides tracking and settlement of dispatch guides.



Simplify all daily activities

Organize and plan all mobility activities such as customer addresses and routes of your delivery drivers on digital maps.

Simplifica actividades diarias

Digital Maps

Delivery route optimization

Assign, reassign and optimize delivery routes on digital maps. Control the activity of your sales team, with real-time history and geolocation.

Total online control

Manage everything from the distribution point

Total online administration and control over the logistics operation from the distribution point. Control pending, started, finished and shipped deliveries.

Administra desde el punto de distribución


Service level KPI's

Visualize service level KPI’s showing on-time versus delayed deliveries. Actual and on-time deliveries can be viewed by month and by delivery driver to see a complete global picture. Compare return rates by month and by cause in OTIFF reports.

Detailed information on deliveries to be made

  • CONTROL Manages zones and routes for delivery waybills generation. Generates picking for warehouse control and subsequent dispatch.
  • SHIPPING GUIDELINES Provides tracking and settlement of shipping guides in case there is a collection process or product return.

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