How to apply Mobilvendor in my business?

Our software can automate, control and motivate your sales force; learn how our platform can help your business.


Manufacturing industries or corporations

Get real-time information about everything that happens with your vehicle fleet, sales and merchandising teams, warehouses, marketing research, accounting and more.

In addition, create a product catalog with targeted promotions, record and control merchandising activities, view commercial reports for inventories, impacts, sales compliance, geo analysis and apply business intelligence to visualize indicators and growth projections and much more.


Market research

Perform sampling through censuses and surveys to determine an adequate focus of customers that can help you improve your sales. Our tool gives you all the information you need in one place and in real time.

Manage censuses and all kinds of surveys in real time, create routes for census teams with the establishment of geofences, elaborate custom forms, parameterize points through georeferencing with photographs on site, use automatic tabulation of surveys and recibe a track history of activities carried out by surveyors. You can also carry out a registration of merchandising activities to collect information on the correct use of POP material in commercial premises and much more.


24/7 Vehicle Tracking Companies

Take full control of the fleet of vehicles in your company. We have the ideal solution for you to always be aware of the activities of your drivers and vehicle fleet. Or, if you are a vehicle tracking company, leave behind the obsolete systems and use our tracking service to make your customers really satisfied.

Visualize the location of the vehicle fleet on digital maps, establish geofences to delimit areas of use of vehicles, recover vehicles through remote immobilizer or visualize the history of routes per vehicle. We have the latest technology equipment with panic buttons in case of emergency and bluetooth connectivity to make and receive phone calls in the vehicle.


Distributors and marketers

If you are a distributor of products or services, we assure you that our tool will help you to optimize the processes of your company related to the commercial area, logistics, marketing, merchandising, accounting and Business Intelligence (B.I.). Manage the logistics operation of your business, create routes for your sales teams, control inventory, control your sales force and control your merchandising teams, invoice electronically, georeference your customers on digital maps, view the history of activities of your salespeople, view business reports, make quotes and more.


Small businesses owners

If you need your point of sale up to date to manage better your accounting processes and inventory, then MobilVendor is your ideal solution. With our tool, the business administrator can review all the movement that the manager records at the point of sale and in real time. Our applications allow you to: control inventories in an organized way, act electronically to all your customers, create a catalog of products with targeted promotions, improve your accounting processes and manage points of sale in real time.


Public Parking System

Mobilvendor offers you a comprehensive system that has a web and mobile platform for the proper management and administration of public parking lots, with which you can make an effective control of economic income in all your parking lots nationwide. Organize the spaces destined as parking spaces through tickets and issue electronic invoices to your customers from our mobile application designed especially for Android phones. With our tool you can apply a strict control of economic income through reports and configure the rates to be charged to your customers.


Financial Institutions

The banking entity and the companies can improve and speed up the collection process through a mobile collection system in the form of micro collections. They can receive the most accepted forms of payment such as cash, check, debit to account or credit card and obtain the reconciliation data from the banking entity automatically. Perform reconciliation automatically. Reduce the process of collections and cash management integrating this tool with the bank services for the processing of collections. It also allows integration with the application developed by the distributor if it is necessary.

With Mobilvendor you can do a lot of things, but you don’t have to master everything to get started.

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